Google Video and Tabblo Photo Sharing

Google Video Update

There is no need to download and install a video uploader now, everything works within the browser. Question for Google: how about fixing the extension install for Google Notebook?

The other improvement is that your video is available for viewing immediately, YouTube-style. Google editors will have to review the video before it can be searchable.

Instant gratification, Google Video style. Google Blog.

Tabblo Photo Sharing

Google needs a photo sharing service badly and the newly-launched Tabblo may be the answer. It even has a Picasa plug-in.

Tabblo is a Flickr competitor and so far I like it better. I wonder what Enoch Choi thinks about it -- he had some Flickr aggravations recently. The servce is free with unlimited uploads and the "tabblos" just look good: see my photos from a recent visit to the Cleveland Botanical Garden.


  1. ooh, new toy. gotta try it! thanks for the props.

  2. Enoch:

    I thought that you might like to give Tabblo a try.

    These new internet start-ups are like toys for grown-ups. It sounds goofy, but I usually test-drive all new Google services on the day they are released... :-)

  3. i know. that's why i let them know your interest in google co-op