How to Use Web 2.0 in Medicine?

This is the PowerPoint file of my talk about Web 2.0 in Medicine. I presented it to the Section of Hospital Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic on 10/17/05, internal medicine residents and faculty at the Cleveland Clinic on 1/05/06, Grand Rounds of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic on 1/25/06, and internal medicine residents and faculty at Case Western Reserve University (St. Vincent/St. Luke) on 5/18/06.

Of course, I had to make modifications for each audience but the general content was the same.

All blue links in the presentation are clickable.

Feel free to use it for your own presentations, if you find something interesting. The usual requirements for a citation and a back link apply and are listed on the last slide.

Update 1/19/2007:

The new version of my presentation Web 2.0 in Medicine is available.

My presentation on Web 2.0 in Medicine from December 2006.

Web 2.0 in Medicine
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Updated: 06/01/2009

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