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Do student doctors really need to know anatomy and that other basic science stuff?

Yes, they do. But if you do not agree with me, feel free to check Rangel M.D.' post who thinks that physicians learn too much basic science. Kevin, M.D. is also concerned that reportedly some doctors do not know where the prostate gland is. Dr. RW supports teaching of basic science in medical school and does not want to be "relegated to the status of “provider.”

Colonoscopy: High-Fiving Where the Sun Don't Shine

A physician writes about his experience of having 3 colonoscopies and this is before he even finished residency.

How Much Should Doctors Make?

Ezra Kline compares physician salaries in different countries and writes that "being a doctor shouldn't be about the money anyway."

Can Bloggers Make Money?

They certainly can, according to Jason Calacanis, who is interviewed for the WSJ. It all depends on the number of page views: "if you can do 500,000 pages a month -- which isn't easy -- you can make $1,500 to $5,000 a month."

I doubt that it is that simple, at least not for medical blogs, very few of them can achieve this level of traffic and in addition, people who visit medical blogs do not click on the ads much.

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  1. As far as making money goes, there's a reason I no longer have ads. It wasn't worth the visual clutter, and the kind of adwords used for Google ads made for some really awful ads showing up on my site.

    Alas, no retirement on blog income.