Keith Richards of Rolling Stones Had Surgery for Subdural Hematoma

When I first read than Keith Richards fell from a coconut tree (?!), I immediately thought that the good-old-rock-and-roll boy was still young at heart. The injury turned out to be more serious than initially suspected though, and the famous Rolling Stones guitar player reportedly had brain surgery to evacuate subdural hematoma. This type of hematoma is usually seen after trauma in elderly people. The brain shrinks with age and some of the surrounding veins are left unsupported by brain tissue in the subdural space making them more vulnerable to tear in trauma, e.g. a fall.

The bottom line is that "time waits for nobody" and our rock-and-roll heroes from the 60's are not getting any younger.... Keith did very well after the surgery, he has already been discharged from the hospital and he is looking forward to joining Rolling Stones on their world tour.

Report: Rolling Stone Keith Richards out of his tree, in a hospital. CNN.
Skull surgery for Keith Richards. CNN.
Image: Left subdural hematoma

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  1. I will watch for the first time Rolling Stones in my lif LIVE !
    I am so happy. First time in Montenegro.