MKSAP 14 Has an Online Version

The venerable Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program ® (MKSAP) by the American College of Physicians, which has been available as print books and a CD-ROM, now has a new online version.

MKSAP is helpful not only to prepare for the ABIM but also to stay up-to-date after you are certified.

MedStudy was a favorite among my peers when we were studying for the board because it was more concise and better illustrated. I was scoring at the 96-98th percentile on my in-service exams during residency and I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I never really felt the need to do a lot of MKSAP or MedStudy questions. However, the new online edition definitely makes MKSAP a stronger rival of MedStudy and a better solution to ABIM preparation, I think.

According to a recent series of interviews with medical bloggers done by Dean Giustini, most of us prefer Up-To-Date as a way to stay current. Self-assessment programs, like MKSAP, have the advantage of being more challenging and fun to use since they are in a Q&A format.

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  1. I found the MKSAP 14 Audio companiaon very useful, I found it on for a good price.

  2. MedStudy, I've found, is far more concise than MKSAP and they cover all the topics you will need to prepare for the Boards. Don't get me wrong, MKSAP is a great product, but for Board prep MedStudy is the way to go.

  3. I wanted to comment that the MKSAP 15 is now the most current version, and is also available in online format.