Redesign of Clinical Cases and Images - A Case-Based Curriculum of Clinical Medicine was redesigned to give credit to the authors and to streamline the front page of the website, so that it reflects the natural flow of a clinical encounter:

- History Taking and Physical Examination

- Imaging and Labs

- Procedure Skills

- Best Clinical Evidence

- Questions & Answers

Suggestions are welcome. The website has already had more than 500,000 page views and we are hopefully going for one million this year.

Feel free to submit typical clinical cases or rare case reports. Both have a place in expanding this online case-based curriculum of clinical medicine which was reviewed favorably by the British Medical Journal. With more than 800 daily visitors (and growing) from all over the world, this is our humble contribution to medical education. is integrated within the Cleveland Clinic intranet with links on the home pages of clinical education and the internal medicine residency program.

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