FreeMedMatrix is a Meta Search Engine for Medicine

"Meta Search Engine" means that FreeMedMatrix compiles results from several search engines and services. For example, a Google search provides only web pages available in the Google index.

FreeMedMatrix searches:

Google Powerpoint Lectures
Merck Manual
AAFP Patient Ed Handouts
Family Practice Notebook
National Practice Guidelines
Dermis Skin Disease Images

Medical meta search is not a bad idea but the interface looks cluttered.

The webmaster of FreeMedMatrix sent an email announcement about the new service to a few medical bloggers yesterday but I did not really pay much attention to it until I saw the link on Having the email address listed on the blog page has the adverse effect of receiving 70-150 spam emails daily. Gmail generally does a good job forwarding them to the spam folder.

FreeMedMatrix is owned by Medical Matrix L.L.C.

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