JAMA and Archives Have RSS Feeds Now

AMA Journals now have RSS feeds:

"Each new issue of JAMA and the 9 Archives journals has an accompanying free RSS feed, which is a special Web page formatted for RSS readers. JAMA and the Archives Journals offer feeds for the current issue and for the 3 most recent issues. Each RSS feed includes article titles, abstracts for articles that include them, and links to the full text version."

There is no need to use the Pubmed/Send-to-RSS work-around anymore.

RSS feeds are updates that are delivered by the websites when something new is published.

Its inventor, Dave Winer likens RSS to "a sushi bar where the sushi comes around in boats. When you see something you like, you grab it and eat it." The same is true with RSS content that feeds you news aggregator.

"It's like having a personal assistant who goes through every publication and blog that could possibly interest you and picks out stories to bring to your attention", writes PC Magazine.

Get RSS Feeds for the Major Medical Journals
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  2. You're welcome. I'm glad you find it useful.

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  4. Yes, I just mentioned them here:

    Directory of Medical RSS Feeds