LibriVox Offers Free Audio Books in the Public Domain

"Old books never die. They don't even fade away. Instead, their copyright expires and they are released into the public domain, where hordes of volunteers breathe new life into them. Groups like Project Gutenberg, and Wikisource digitize, preserve and categorize classic works of literature, old encyclopedias, and even periodicals.

Hugh McGuire, a writer from Montreal, decided that he did not only want to read these voices from the past, he wanted to hear them. "On a practical level," he says, "I wanted to download a free audiobook."

In August 2005, LibriVox was born."

Read more in the Interview with LibriVox founder Hugh McGuire from Wikinews.


Free Classic Audio Books
Free Audio Books.
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The text and the images above are from Wikinews, available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5.

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