This Week's Grand Rounds at The Medical Blog Network

Check out Grand Rounds (GR), a weekly summary of the best posts in the medical blogosphere.

GR has become the contemporary weekly portrait of medicine through the eyes of the medical bloggers.

Pre-Rounds is an article series about the hosts of Grand Rounds on Nick Genes of Blogborygmi, who writes the Medscape column, is the founder of GR and he maintains the archive.

The Medical Blog Network wants to build "the World's Largest Community of Medical Bloggers" and this Grand Rounds is a good start. There was some controversy about the requirement to register to submit a post to Grand Rounds but the open format contact form was also available to those who did not want to register. The web is the most democratic medium of them all and it is very is important to have a choice.

As per the Medscape Pre-Rounds column, Dmitriy, the entrepreneur who created The Medical Blog Network, is "an ambitious -- and at times polarizing -- figure in the medical blogging community, but he's moving forward and may just change the way people think about medicine."

Dmitriy must be ambitious if he is blogging under the pseudonym of "hippocrates." The original Hippocrates is often called "the father" of medicine, see the picture above... :-)

He also quotes Gandhi: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

Whatever the outcome of the "battle" is, enjoy reading this week's selection of the best posts in the medical blogosphere.

It is always better to have a lively discussion rather than a boring selection of links, isn't it? It spreads "the buzz" around and it made me write a longer column announcing Grand Rounds this time...

Image source: Hippocrates from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, public domain

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  1. Gandhi quote is a "figure of speech" :)

    Any kind of change is always a "battle". And it surely helps the buzz!