The "BEST" Communication Model

This mnemonic is from a 2006 article from BMJ Career Focus that is not available on their website anymore (the archive was deleted a few years ago):

Begin with non-verbal cues. Soften (smile, open arms, forward lean, touch with arm, handshake, eye contact, nod)
Establish information gathering with informal talk
Support with emotional channels
Terminate with positive note

Hopefully, this will make your patients feel better. If you want to feel better yourself, you can try following the "MOTORS" mnemonic.

MOTORS of Your Life

Studies describe a set of wellbeing practices that are correlated with the feeling of happiness (BMJ, WJM). I tried to summarize them in the mnemonic MOTORS because the pursuit of happiness, in its altruistic sense, could be the "motor" of your life.

MOTORS” stands for:

eaning - find a meaning in what you do for a living but don't forget to set limits around it.
Outlook - have a positive outlook on life. Be philosophical but also focused on success.
Time - spend quality time with F&F (Family & Friends).
Out of the singular chase of money or prestige.
Religious and/or spiritual practices.
Self care practices, like sports or meditation.

All these 6 features are correlated with feeling happier, and some of them even with living longer.

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Image source: Wikipedia

Updated: 03/08/2010

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