"Google Epocrates" Integrated in Search Results for Medications

Via Palmdoc Chronicles:

"You can now look up Epocrates drug info via Google. If you are a Gmail account holder, you can subscribe to Epocrates Online via Google Co-op... You will automatically see links to FREE Epocrates drug monographs at the top of your results list when doing Google drug searches."

This integration of Epocrates in Google search results is very useful. I am starting to see how Google Co-op will take off.

The interesting thing about Google is that sometimes they launch a service without an easy-to-understand purpose (take Google Base, for example) but with time, things seem to fit into place.

And pretty soon, everybody who wants to use the cool new services offered by Google has to register an account with them. Microsoft should have thought of that when they tried (unsuccessfully) to impose their "Passport" log-in to all users in the past: make people want to register instead of forcing them to do it. Hmm... "Don't be evil" motto seems even more important nowadays when Google will have (most of) your information.

An easy way to add new features to Google. Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO, 02/2008.

Updated: 02/26/2008

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