Do eye exercises help myopic people?

Wiki eHow shows How to Exercise Your Eyes to "keep them healthy and take away eye strain."

Currently, there is no cure for shortsightedness (myopia) and overcorrection with glasses can make it worse. There are popular books on the market claiming that eye exercises alone can improve myopia but I have not found any evidence about it. On the other hand, Chinese authors claim that acupuncture helps myopic children.

I know that Dr. RW thinks that most alternative medicine is a form of scam but in the absence of effective treatment for myopia, it may be time to conduct studies involving alternative treatment methods.

Alternative medicine seems to be gaining traction recently. There is a PBS documentary featuring several medical directors of alternative treatment centers. One of them is Tanya Edwards who is the director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Integrative Medicine.

How to Exercise Your Eyes - Howcast | July 23, 2010.


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  1. There are programs by,etc that can help restore your normal vision.I don't know whether it works or not.

  2. Yes sai there are such programs which cost around 97$ with free bonuses

  3. Eye exercises work very well in fully restoring ones vision (or serve as a means of preventative maintenance), and there are a tonn of different eye exercises out there to help your eyesight. However, there's another, very important, point to know, understand and remeber, which is that although vison-corrective eye exercises work by themselves, the biggest problem is that they may take longer (which is making way too many people to give up on it, altogether!), when done alone. In order to throw away your glasses forever, one needs to understand the principles of mind work - i.e. that what we think affects how we see, and know how to apply them in the most efficient way, then that really starts doing wonders! It's really crucial to success, as THAT is what sets the boundary between success and failure for people - the time that the restoration process will take. We need to look after our eyes, just as we look after any other part of our body.

    For me, finding out about visio-corrective eye exercises and doing them was like a miracle, because I've actually managed to fully restore my eyesight that way! I've followed a russian course myself, which is a course for general self-healing, and that helped me restore my eyesight fairly quickly!

    Very pewerful stuff!!

    I've even created a step-by-step guide (, detailing the steps I took. And the best thing is that they are so simple, and take only 30 mins a day, 4 days a week! E.g. when you work with a pc, read a book, or when you are doing anything else that requires you to stare at it for a long time, especially close up, you need look around the room, look into the distance now and again. If you do that, your eyesight will NOT get worse. Otherwise, it WILL - it's only normal, only common sense. It took me a great amount of time to learn and understand all this (because I wanted to understand more), but now that I know this, I'll never let my eyesight deteriorate ever again. As soon as it deteriorating (now probably not earlier than when I'm well over 40 - I hope time won't go too quickly!!), I know *exactly* what to do.

    If you do start noticing your eyesight worsening, then you can start doing more exercises - move your eyes up, down, left, right, look onto your nose etc - do this for a couple of mins once every hour or so, then close your eyes and relax. If you put your hands over your face, so that your eyes are right in the middle of your palms, with no light getting through, and stay like this for a minimum of 3 mins, then your eyes will relax and you'll see a huge improvement for a moment - every day you'll notice a slight improvement in your vision, right until the moment when you fully restore it.

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  8. andrei doesnt get paid, but his website is a scam. do not buy his book. hes selling his book for £15

  9. definitely if u do eye exercises daoly u will get rid of glasses

  10. Programs that suggest you can correct your vision with eye exercises are a fraud. That doesn't mean such exercises are completely useless. You can do them to refresh tired eyes, for example. But they are NOT a cure. A good article that sums up what exercises can and cannot do is this one:

  11. i bought a book with these kind of exercises but it don't work. well...let me tell u something 'bout the glases. they don't worse the situation , they help it. my father didn't wear glases, only at 15 his parents observed that he need them. the situation was horrible cuz he didn't wear them even at 15. i was -3 dioptria!

  12. -3 diopters is not that bad actually... :) I know a lot of people with a lot higher myopia than that.

  13. i live in india and know lot physio therapy centres which cure myopia completely but they need u to do it continously for 1hr a day for 2 years