Preoperative Care of Patients with Kidney Disease: A Case-based Curriculum

The 8 clinical cases below illustrate specific teaching points in the preoperative care of patients with chronic kidney disease. We will try to incorporate more case-based modules in the Cleveland Clinic Perioperative Medicine Summit next year. The 2006 Summit starts on September 18.

Case 1: Does this patient need a stress test?

Case 2: Does this patient need a beta-blocker?

Case 3: Do you need to correct the potassium?

Case 4: When to do hemodialysis before surgery?

Case 5: Does this patient need an antibiotic before surgery?

Case 6: Does this patient need a blood transfusion?

Case 7: Which blood pressure medications to take on the morning of surgery?

Case 8: What is the risk for developing ARF after surgery?


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