Interesting Links

National Geographic Videos in the News.
This one is especially good: Leopard vs. Hyenas, Lion.

Young Doctors' Resource Center by Medical Economics magazine.
It covers the basics such as: Career, Technology, Malpractice, Personal Finance, Practice Management.

Casebook Case Reports by the UK Medical Protection Society.
The 150 case reports are used to alert doctors to medical malpractice pitfalls that have caught their colleagues unawares.

in UBC HealthLib-Wiki - A Knowledge-Base for Health Librarians.
The list has only 5 entries but you can expand it to as many as you want -- it's a wiki. Having a wiki is a huge advantage because anybody can contribute to it. Bloggers-made lists of podcast lists are "closed" no matter how comprehensive they are bacause only the blog author can expand them. For example, NMM's Medical Informatics Blog recently posted a good summary of Medical Podcasts. It is a great start but the only way to add a new podcast is to post a comment. The wikis work better. has a directory of medical podcasts listed by specialty.

Don't forget to add your blog to the list of Bloggers in health & medicine in UBC HealthLib-Wiki.

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