A Tribute to Steve Irwin

I don't know about you but I always liked the guy and what he was doing. He looked like one big kid fascinated with living creatures. He was only 44. Rest in peace Steve Irwin, you will be missed.

Steve Irwin Tribute

Steve Irwin Tribute

A tribute to Steve Irwin, a great person and conservationist

Update 09/04/2007:
CNN: Your e-mails: Remembering the 'Croc Hunter' One Year Later.

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Web Exclusive: Irwin's Widow Talks About Living in the Camera's Eye. ABC News.
Steve Irwin. A fond farewell. Jay Leno. Time, 2006.


  1. This is so great.

    I'll miss him.

    A lot.

  2. A fitting tribute to an amazing man! Steves memory must live on, A permanent memorial so his work can carry on,maybe buying land to save endagered creatures, ie mountain gorilla, or in the rainforest continue his great work! we owe him that.

  3. He so reminded me of myself as a tomboy kid who loved to bring creepy crawlies in to show my family! I was really upset by the news, I cried for little Bindy Sue. God bless the family. It was fast and freakish, though, I think God just wanted him to come home.

  4. How does anyone deal with this sudden and tragic loss? Steve Irwin and his wonderful family shared all our hearts when he allowed us to see the REAL Steve, in our lounge rooms. He filtered in to everyones homes and hearts around the world. Besides his wonderful dedication and passion for all wildlife, he drew me in for the love of his wife and his 2 beautiful children. My heart goes out to you Terri, but you shouldn’t feelalone. Steve will be by your side forever more, always supporting you with those children. I never met Steve or Terri, but was hoping to visit the Park and watch the shows. RIP Steve, a world mourns you, and it will take a long time for us all to realise you are not here anymore. We have all lost a true mate and a dear animal ambassador.

  5. A wonderful tribute will always be remembered for his bravery and enthusiasm Rest in Peace x

  6. You will forever be alive in my heart Steve. I saved the lives of many Reptiles because of you.You are with Mary now. R.I.P.

  7. I think this tribute is incomplete. It will fit the video when this man is playing with an enormous cocodrile and his newborn son on his arm. That is what I call insensibility

  8. Steve set out on a brand new adventure a brand new experience

    .he woke that morning with a smile on his face he would a said u beauty mate I got my self-good.

    Steve u touched us all u opened my eyes and made me see how wonderful life could be

    U made me see crocs are not as bad and man eating as we all think they are but under all those scales and teeth they are actually just like u and me

    They have hearts bigger than mine or the next one who comes along

    But Steve old buddy forever Ur in my mind my heart and my soul

    My deepest regards go out to Terri and baby bob (Steve’s lill man) and of course young lil bindi, Steves only baby girl

    You may have lost a husband and a father but keep smiling lil ones

    As never will Australia loose faith and hope

    Standing by Ur side through thick and thin

    Steve Irwin may rest in peace knowing his legacy and his wildlife will live on

    .this is a time of grief and despair

    However, plz Terri rember Steve wouldn’t want u being sad

    U wake every morning knowing it to be hard

    However, rember is Australia by Ur side

    Ill let you know this as we grow older we realize the one person we thought we could trust we never prolly will

    . Together we are each of us angels with only one wing but not to fly alone together we unite and join our wings we stand tall and can be proud of what can be.

    Sorry I never got to meet a truly unique truly true blue aussie guy he stood up for wut he believed in

    He was a hero to many others and me

    Not only will Australia be forever in grief but the world

    I can only imagine watt Terri is going through

    I feel for her, as I know I am only a teenager

    However, I saw Steve as my own father

    Not that not every other kid feels the same

    I say plz Australia lets get together in this time of need

    And help Terri get through this over whelming time of grief

  9. hey my names chantelle and i posted the comment that u see above steve meant so much to all of us terri im sorry for u loss but rember australia is by ur side