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Some interesting courses from UC Berkeley:

Introduction to Statistics

General Human Anatomy

Introduction to Human Nutrition

General Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Human Emotion

Psychology of Personality

Animal Behavior

World Regions, Peoples, and States

European Civilization from the Renaissance to the Present

US History: from Civil War to Present

History of Information

Update 9/26/06:
Berkley Course Lectures on Google Video. Link via Google Operating System.

Update 07/01/2007:
MicrobiologyBytes.com has useful short video tutorials about the main statistics methods.


  1. I've listened to four psych courses via the Berkeley podcasts this semester--it's been great! I wish more universities were providing public webcasts of courses.

  2. Cleveland Clinic offers free podcasts/videocasts of selected sessions from the Cleveland Clinic’s 18th Annual Intensive Review of Internal Medicine: