Who's the Best Looking Science Blogger?

After the journal Nature listed the Top five science blogs, it was time for a far more substantial classification - the list of "the hottest science bloggers." The voting took place on Flags and Lollipops blog.

There seems to be a connection between intellect and external beauty which is proven by the fact that 2 bloggers made it on both lists - the best and the beautiful: ScientificActivist and Pharyngula. The placement of ScientificActivist is understandable -- see his photo here, but Pharyngula beats the odds since voters generally disfavor bearded men in beauty contests.

Naturally, the list of most beautiful science bloggers is dominated by women and the beauty queen crown goes to... Retrospectacle who made the announcement on her blog in the category "Stupidity."

Science is hard work and the scientists just have to have some fun from time to time assembling lists like that, don't they?

I found the link via Aetiology whose readers are disappointed that she was not listed.

Considering that the moose of Corpus Callosum was also nominated, I gather that some other people were also disappointed.

Image source: Openclipart.org

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  1. Not bad. Im pretty modest, although I would be a hot guy science blogger. I don't want my picture on the net though!

    Another good science site Molecular Station