Executive Health Physicals. Are They Worth $ 3,000?

According to Forbes: "A sick CEO is bad for the company's health... executives who had a physical exam lost 45% fewer workdays than those who did not... generally executive health physicals cost between $1,000 and $3,000."

Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Duke University and Mount Sinai all have executive health programs. I know personally 2 of the physicians who work in the Clinic program and they are excellent.

What you can expect on during your Executive Health Assessment - Cleveland Clinic video.

Not So Routine Physicals. Forbes.com.
Welcome to Executive Health. Cleveland Clinic.com.


  1. Medical Surgical Specialists has a wonderful Executive Health program. All testing and doctor appointments are done on-site. A personal concierge is available to escort you to all of your appointments that are done on the same day. They are located on Physician's Regional Medical Center campus in beautiful Naples, Florida. For information: www.medical-surgical.net or 239-348-4052.

  2. Correcting (updating) this link: http://www.medical-surgical.org/PatientCare/ExecutiveHealth.asp