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So many feeds to read, so little time... Which are the good ones? There is a "proof-of-concept" website which helps you quickly browse the feeds which many people have already chosen.

Feeds That Matter is a tag cloud which lists the top 100 most popular RSS feeds by topic, for example, "health", "Google", "business", etc.

The tag cloud combines data from Bloglines users who chose to make their subscription choices public:

"There are about 83,000 publicly listed users on Bloglines and they have a combined 2,786,687 feed subscriptions. Roughly 35% of these publicly listed users organize their feeds into folders. On an average there are about 20 feeds per folder. By analyzing this data and combining merging folders that are very similar, we have come up with an automatic way of creating a taxonomy of popular topics and make it easy to find feeds that are most relevant to that topic."

Established media (Reuters, BBC, NYTimes, ABC) tops the list of the most popular "health" feeds but quite a few blogs are also present: Kevin, MD, Medpundit, The Health Care Blog, etc. Clinical Cases and Images - Blog (barely) makes the top 100 list at number 88. My blog rating jumps to number 15 in the list of medical feeds though. You can check your own blog rating, just for the fun of it.

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