This Medical Blog Promises To Be Interesting

Kendra is not your typical medical student. She is 27 and is a first-year medical student attending Ross University School of Medicine on the island country of Dominica. Her blog is called (naturally) Island Med Student and promises to be interesting:

"I can't claim that I've always "known" that I wanted to be a doctor. The truth is I've wanted to be a lot of different things throughout my life: a farmer, a singer in a chick band, a landscaper, a physicist, and even a trapeze performer.


Fast forward almost 7 years into the future, and here I am, about to begin a new chapter in my life. This fall, I will begin attending Ross University School of Medicine, located on Dominica, a small country in the Caribbean . There are many reasons why I chose to attend a Caribbean medical school, but I will share those in a later blog entry."

She also blogs on Medscape:

"Wow. If you had told me 5 years ago that I'Â’d be sitting here today, sipping my coffee, glimpsing out the window at lush, tropical island scenery, glancing around the room at medical textbooks and supplies, and writing a blog entry for Medscape, my jaw would have dropped in disbelief. In retrospect, though, it'Â’s probably best that I didn't know what lay ahead of me. Discovering your future is like opening a gift; it'Â’s more fun if you have no clue what it's going to be."

How did I find the blog? I was checking my SiteMeter statistics and saw the link to one of my web sites. The lesson is "link away, people will find you." Digital Inspiration writes about a similar concept: How To Get More Return Visitors ? Send Them Away.

Image source: Island Med Student

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