"Grand Rounds" of Medical Blogs Multiply

Grand Rounds was conceived as a weekly hosting event which features the best posts in the medical blogosphere. Several outgrowths of the "original" Grand Rounds have appeared recently, arranged mainly by subspecialty or location. I do not think that they will dilute the Grand Rounds "brand" and they may be interesting to follow. A list is compiled below:

Grand Rounds (original). I have hosted it twice, it was fun and an eye-opening experience.

Radiology Grand Rounds

Change of Shift: A Nursing Blog Carnival

Pediatric Grand Rounds

The BritMeds - this is the latest carnival. Dr Crippen would like "this round-up to be be strictly British. Otherwise, the criteria will be relaxed. British blogs written by anyone working in healthcare or anyone receiving health care in this country."

BlogCarnival.com has a longer list of many health-related carnivals.

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  1. I have to work so much to get into that list. Anyway, you just keep up the good work. :)