A Typical Home Dialysis Day on YouTube

Gustine, a YouTube user who has been on dialysis since 1978, posted a video of his typical home hemodialysis day:

"Each time I do dialysis at home my two small dogs always are on the alert and tend to keep any intruders from getting near. If I fall asleep they'll bark in front my face!! What can I say, I guess having such critters alongside really helps get through the day!"

Gus also uploaded a video of buttonhole cannulation which is definitely not for the faint-hearted:

"For some of you it may all look gruesome, but in reality its not. I'ts a way of life for many of us who lost our kidneys, but now we have the freedom to do it at home self-care without living your whole life in-center."

Gus writes a blog about dialysis.

More videos:

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Link via KidneyNotes.com.

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Updated: 01/10/2008

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  1. I'd hate that! But you gotta do it if you want to live.