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Evidence Based Medicine Resources. New Media Medicine Blog.

A long list which seems both useful and comprehensive. I will send it to my residency program director, he is a devoted follower of evidence-based medicine and I am sure many residents will find something interesting to read when they prepare for a journal club.

Alcohol Consumption and Risk for Coronary Heart Disease among Men with Hypertension. Annals of Int Med, 1/2/2007.

One of our hospital medicine fellows recently presented a noon conference about the health effect of alcohol. He mentioned that "the body of evidence supporting the beneficial effects of alcohol is so large that there is almost no doubt at this point." This study adds just a little bit more and MedPundit comments on it.

UpToDate Founder Talks About Starting the Project in 1992

Burton D. Rose, MD, the founder and editor-in-chief of UpToDate, is interviewed by MDNetGuide.

Medical ultrasound cases with images

A collection of videos and clinical cases by Dr. Joe Antony, a radiologist in South India.

Mozilla Discloses 2005 Revenues: $53M. GigaOM.

If nothing else, we should be happy that Google allows Firefox and Opera browsers to be distributed and used for free. How is that possible? The integrated search box in those browsers covers the cost handsomely and it actually makes money. This is not surprising, considering the fact that Google reportedly makes 2o cents from every search query. Yahoo! lags behind, making "only" 10 cents per search. Yes, we live in a different world since Google launched AdWords/AdSense, at least from the perspective of the Internet economy.

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