A very special dog: Skidboot

A heart-warming segment from Texas Country Reporter (8 min). There may never be another Skidboot -- the smartest dog in the world, according to Jay Leno, at least.

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  1. A lifelong friend of Skidboot and his family3/27/2007 2:49 PM

    I am sad to report that Skidboot has passed away. As reported on his website www.skidboot.com:

    Skidboot is at rest, the bell of time having made its inevitable toll. What a wonderful life of fourteen years he lived! Never has a last minute, second thought Christmas gift ever shone so brightly as Skidboot.

    On Sunday evening, March 25, 2007, Skidboot was laid to rest beneath an oak tree on the ranch to which he contributed greatly in building.

    David and Barbara request that Skidboot be remembered by a donation to your local animal shelter in Skidboot’s name.

    Skidboot’s timeless magic lives on in the videos and other products available on this website. Also, David Hartwig carries on the Skidboot legacy performing with the friends of Skidboot. Please contact David if you are interested in having him entertain in the tradition of Skidboot at your event.