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Daniel Schwartz and Jordan Weinstein are two nephrologists from the Division of Nephrology at the University of Toronto who have launched a number of interesting medical education projects recently:

QxMD Nephrology for Blackberry
A medical calculator for "all MDs using the RIM Blackberry, not just Nephrologists." They are also developing QxMD Cardiology, QxMD Gastroenterology, QxMD Endocrinology, and QxMD General Medicine. All of them for Blackberry handhelds.

Nephrology Now
A free service to stay up to date with new developments in Nephrology: "Keeping up to date in Nephrology can be difficult - in fact, it has recently been shown that half of all evidence is published in non-renal journals. Each month, subscribers will receive a 'meta-journal' of the most important articles published in the field of Nephrology in the last month."

"An Internet school of nephrology" with house staff manuals, copies of lecture slides, rounds, "YouTubule" videos, and more.

Nephrology Pearls
"Those trainees who sign up to Nephrology Pearls will receive an email each weekday that contains a clinical question and/or problem."

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