Add Free Background Music to YouTube Videos

Via InsideGoogle:

YouTube labs test site, called TestTube, has a new feature: AudioSwap lets you replace the audio in your video with audio provided by YouTube. According to YouTube: "We've made arrangements with artists and record labels so that you can add their songs to your YouTube videos. You get a cool soundtrack, the artists get attribution on your video, and everyone wins! We'll be adding more artists and songs as the feature develops, so check back for your favorite bands and singers."

It works pretty well as you can see in my video of the huge rhino at San Diego Zoo accompanied by the tune of:

"You must have been a beautiful baby
You must have been a wonderful child
'Cause baby look at you now."

Indian Rhino at San Diego Zoo

Google aims at hosting most user-created content on YouTube rather than Google Video and we will likely see more features added to YouTube in the future. Is seems like Google Video will work mostly as search engine rather than a host site. Of course, in the case of a rapidly growing company like Google, this arrangement could change at any time.

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