A Medical Blogger Quoted in the Google Annual Report

Joshua Schwimmer of KidneyNotes was quoted in the Google annual report to shareholders. On page 5, he was commenting about the usefulness of Google search and Google Scholar for medical information. This is an excerpt from an interview Joshua gave to Dean Giustini in 2006. Dean interviewed 4 medical bloggers interested in using search engines for medical queries: Kevin, Joshua, Graham and me.

The fact that Google quoted Joshua proves 2 things:

- Google listens. They want feedback.

- Google became too big too fast and quality control suffers. They should have adhered to the the common practice of citing your sources. Joshua's quote was from Dean's blog and they should have linked to it as a primary source.

I was quoted in the Google Annual Report. KidneyNotes.com.
Physician Bloggers Talk to a Medical Librarian
Image source: Tech Medicine.

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