Avandia Heart Risks and a World Which Never Sleeps

The NEJM meta-analysis revealing possible cardiovascular risks associated with Avandia was one of the top news 2 days ago.

Within minutes, a new search trends tool by Google called Hot Trends showed a "volcanic" activity: millions of new search queries for "Avandia" (see the screenshots). One of the related posts from this blog made both the first search result on Google and Hot Trends.

Screenshots of Google Hot Trends and Google search results for "Avandia Cardiovascular Risk"

Physician bloggers are not the only ones who follow the medical news. Lawyers do the same thing.

Within hours, Avandia malpractice ads started to appear on this blog surrounding a post about the possible heart risks of the medication (see the screenshot).

A screenshot of malpractice AdSense ads within hours of the news about Avandia heart risks

The Internet world never sleeps and the news spreads fast.

Avandia (Rosiglitazone) May Increase Risk of Cardiovascular Death
Video: Dr. Nissen Discusses Heart Risks of Avandia
Screenshot of Google Hot Trends from Google Operating System. Licensed as Creative Commons Attribution.

Doctor Accused of Leak to Drug Maker. NYTimes, 01/2008.

Updated: 01/31/2008

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