Google Maps Street View

Google Maps launched a new very detailed views at street level of several cities on the U.S. with plans to expand to more locations in the future. Currently, Google can put in you in the driver seat for 5 cities: San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, New York and Miami.

You have to feel sorry for Microsoft. They paid a lot of money to fly planes to provide detailed aerial views of the major U.S. cities. Google outdid them simply by having people drive around and take pictures...

This is a video showing Street View in action.

Update 5/30/07: Google Street View and Personal Privacy

Robert Scoble writes that "a BoingBoing reader is worried that Google is infringing on his privacy by taking pictures of his cat in a window in his house.

No, sorry, it’s not spying and it’s not creepy. If you can see it from a public street it’s not private and you should not expect ANY privacy."

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Updated: 10/14/2008

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