Diabulimia: Skipping Insulin to Slim Down

According to CNN:

"Like many teenage girls, Lee Ann Thill was obsessed with her appearance. Then one day at a camp for diabetic teens, she heard counselors chew out two girls for practicing “diabulimia” — not taking their insulin so they could lose weight, one of the consequences of uncontrolled diabetes..."

I learned about 2 new diseases this month: first, wiitis, and now, diabulimia.

‘Diabulimics’ skipping insulin to slim down. MSNBC, 06/2007.
Diabetics risk health to feed obsession with thinness. CNN, 06/2007.
CNN Video: Skipping insulin to stay thin, 08/2007.
Image source: Wikipedia, public domain.

Updated: 08/17/2007


  1. Diabulimics really start losing weight when they have to have their legs amputated!

  2. I think it is criminal that endocrinologists, hospital staff, counselors, psychiatrists, and any other health professional involved in the treatment of type 1 diabetics do not educate parents of newly diagnosed teens that the likelihood of developing diabulimia is not only a possibility but a very high probability for their child. Parents should have the opportunity to be proactive in recognizing the signs and getting help for their child before this horrible and very life threatening condition has the opportunity to control the physical and emotional well being their child.