Dr. Charles' Blog Goes on Hiatus with Memorable Final Thoughts

I have enjoyed reading The Examining Room of Dr. Charles for years. He writes one of the best literary sites in the medical blogosphere and not surprisingly is the most famous Dr. Charles according to Google. Dr. Charles started his blog on Blogger.com, published a book and moved his site to Science Blogs about a year ago. Since then, his style of writing has been somewhat different and focused more on current events rather than what I think he does best -- telling compelling (if fictional) patient stories. I will stay subscribed to the feed in case he decides to bring his blog back online one day. In the meantime, somebody else took over his old blogspot URL which is sad since the blog archives seem to be lost.

Here is Dr. Charles himself:

"And If I were to make a few final requests they might be the following. Watch the swallows flying before sunset. Save the planet. Cook a meal with someone you love, and drink too much wine while you're doing it. Please don't vote for another Bush or Edwards. Support health care courts and malpractice reform. Bring your doctor a tomato from your garden, assuming you like him. Cancel you cable, buy a hammock, and get a library card. Use more basil. Beware of people selling unproven cures. Lie on your back and watch for shooting stars. Go to the beach in the off-season. Fight for justice. Fight for truth. Never take for granted the blessings of good health. Help those who are sick. And remember that you don't need things to make you happy, and that life is a bittersweet flash of a firefly at night."

Image source: Tirau Sunset, Essjay NZ, a Creative Commons license.

Updated 07/08/2009:

After a two year hiatus, the talented medical blogger Dr. Charles is back, "reopening the examining room" http://bit.ly/igKWW

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  1. Thanks for sharing the news of Dr. Charles' return (and his excellent, if premature, farewell advice)!