Sounds of Nature: Audio Layers from Around the World Added to Google Maps and Earth

Click on the map below to hear it: has an audio layer for Google Maps and Earth with sounds collected from all over the world. You can play them right in the browser by choosing Google Maps at the front page.

According to Google Operating System:

"You can hear the sounds of the Kenyan savannah, a sudden rain in the forest, a mysterious spring chorus of loons and peepers, the bells of Notre Dame de Paris. My favorite is a soundscape from Hawaii, "an aural voyage beginning at a beach along the Maui coast, and descending below the surface into the depths of the sea, before emerging to the shore, once again. The sea pulsates with biological sound."

Sounds in Google Earth. Google Operating System.
Audio Layer Added To Google Earth AND Google Maps. InsideGoogle.
Map via Google Operating System, a Creative Commons License.

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