Health care policy opinions by medical boggers

Teaching cost-effective medicine. DB’s Medical Rants.

Robert Centor lists some principles of cost-effective inpatient care.

Direct Admit?

An ER doctor is unhappy about the transfer of care from PCP to ER: "Is is equally possible that your doctor sent you to the ER because it was the easiest way for him to get you off his back and pass the buck to another doctor. It is possible that he simply forgot how to arrange a "direct admission" because "just go to the ER" is a million times more common these days. We will never know because a review of the ER phone log reveals that he did not call with any instructions for the ER doctors regarding the expectations for your ER visit."

IM versus ER. The Angry Doctor.

This is the opposite view -- an internal medicine doctors is unhappy about the transfer of care from ER to IM: "So it's just as easy for me to make disparaging remarks about the ER's complete lack of motivation to diagnose (DISPO DISPO DISPO... the mantra goes, right?) as it is for these ER heads to lament how lazy primary care docs have become."

The last 2 links are via Kevin, M.D.

12-Word Social Media Policy by Mayo Clinic: "Don’t Lie, Don’t Pry, Don’t Cheat, Can’t Delete, Don’t Steal, Don’t Reveal" (

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