Embeddable Maps by Google - As Easy as YouTube

This is where I go to work every weekday and many weekends -- one of the best hospitals in the world -- Cleveland Clinic:

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From Google Maps blog:

"Today we're excited to announce a new feature on Google Maps that allows you to add maps to your blog or website just by copying and pasting a snippet of HTML. And once you embed the map, it has all the same functionality of the Google Maps you know and love; it's clickable, draggable, and zoomable.

Adding a map to your website or blog is now as easy as embedding a YouTube video. No programming skills are required, and there's no need to sign up for a Maps API key."

And this is not all -- Google turns Google Earth into a telescope.

YouTube-style Embeddable Maps. Google LatLong Blog.
Sky: The final frontier. Google LatLong Blog.
Google turns Google Earth into a telescope. Googling Google.

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