Foxit Reader is Better than Adobe Reader for PDF

Adobe Reader is a big program and takes 10-15 seconds to start. You cannot edit or add text to a PDF unless a form is embedded specifically for that purpose.

Foxit Reader deals with those limitations in a heartbeat. This small 1.7-MB program starts in just one second and the Typewrite features allows you to add text to any PDF despite the fact that the form entry may not have been embedded originally. The Foxit Reader is free and its counterparts of Adobe Acrobat (Editor, Creator) are reasonably priced at $ 50-100 compared to more than $ 500 for Adobe Acrobat Professional.

I have heard about Foxit before but never got around to try it. Last week I read that Larry Page insisted for months that Google included Foxit instead of Adobe Reader in Google Pack and decided to give it a try. The current version of Foxit Reader is a significant improvement over Adobe Reader, adds useful features, has a small foot print and is easy to use.

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16 Free Online Tools for Working with PDFs., 03/2008.

Updated: 03/12/2008


  1. Agreed on all counts Ves. I've been using Foxit for over a year now and it's incredible. Adobe, aside from the waiting time, crashes about 50% of the time I use it; however, Foxit hasn't crashed on me once.

    Another great feature of Foxit is that you can highlight text in a PDF as well as leave notes (like post-its) on text - all within the free version of the player. Now at work, instead of saying 'check out the fourth sentence in the third paragraph on page 12,' I can just say, 'look at my highlights in the document and add your own as well.'

    All in all, a great, less stressful PDF reader.

  2. Thanks for the recent mention of PDF Hammer. I just wanted to let you know that we've released version 2.0 (beta) of the free PDF editor. Users can now secure PDF files and add metadata to them, as well as edit and merge pages.

    I'd love to hear what you think about the latest version.

    As far as Foxit Reader goes. If you want something fast and lightweight, Foxit is a good option.