A Wikipedia wizard and blogger... and I happen to know him

BMJ Career Focus profiles Bertalan Mesko who "combines being an editor and administrator of Wikipedia with medical student studies."

Bertalan is the author of the popular blog ScienceRoll.com which often features new Web 2.0 tools for medical education. He is also is the founder of a blog carnival about Web 2.0 and medicine called -- what else -- Medicine 2.0.

A Wikipedia wizard and blogger. BMJ Career Focus, 08/2007.
Interview With Medical Blogger Berci Mesko. TiroMed.com, 11/2007.
Image source: BMJ Career Focus.

Listen to Berci Mesko: After the Dr. Anonymous Show. ScienceRoll.com, 03/2008.

Updated: 03/07/2008

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  1. Thank you, Ves, for mentioning this article. I received it by mail today. :)

    There is a little error in that (Juan is not a leading geneticist but a patient fighting with Pompe disease) which can be the result of the micro-processing editorial work. It happens.