5 Quick Fixes for Physician Resume and More Career Advice from Doctor Job Blog

The Doctor Job blog has some useful tips for making physician resumes more attractive to prospective employers. According to them, of the two examples below, B is a much better format than A.

Example A:

1999-2003, St. Francis Hospital, Queens, NY, Internal Medicine Resident

Example B:

Internal Medicine Resident, 1993–2003
St. Francis Hospital, Queens, NY

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Updated: 11/09/2007


  1. I think option B is better also because it seems to have a bigger experience, having 6 years more....

  2. I think both examples are erroneous.

    The guy in Example A completed his residency in 4 years (instead of the normal 3) which is still better than the poor soul in Example B who took 10 years (!) to finish an internal medicine residency at St. Francis Hospital, Queens, NY... The 10-year residency makes the candidate in Example B considerably less competitive...

    These are just cookbook lines than nobody really looked at..

  3. The point isn't being made about the content - it's about the structure.

    Putting the date first puts emphasis on something that isn't as important. By focusing on the job title and employer first in Example B, you are ensuring that the employer will also focus on those elements.