Google Presentations Launches Today

Google Presentations looks good, simple and easy to use. The biggest limitation is that you cannot export the online presentation to PowerPoint (yet). Google cleverly circumvented this by exporting to zip/HTML which allows the presentation to be run locally on any computer without the need to install PowerPoint or similar programs.

See a sample new presentation here along with my old presentation on Web 2.0 in Medicine from 2006 (uploaded PowerPoint file).

I have linked to several in-dept reviews in the reference section below but Geeking with Greg provides the best summary:

"Stepping back and looking at the bigger picture here, I find myself getting to the point where my entire day is spent in the browser. Even on machines where I have Microsoft Office installed, I often find it faster to quickly view documents using the GMail integration with Google Docs than open other applications.

I was skeptical that Google would get us to that point, but they have. Google appears to be making remarkable progress chipping away at the utility of a desktop PC environment."

Google Docs in Plain English

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Adobe joins rest of industry in going for Microsoft’s throat., 09/2007.

Updated: 09/30/2007


  1. I think a big limitation for us radiologists is 10 mb for maximum upload. What do u think?

  2. I agree. It still depends on the size and number of images though. If you use IrfanView, the image size can be decreased considerably and more of them can be embedded within the 10-MB file limit...