A Hospitalist Night On Call

FatDoctor (her choice of pseudonym, not mine) is a hospitalist who had an eventful night on call and post-call day but she liked it. Here is the summary:

15 hours worked
1 direct admit
1 consult
9 ER admissions
38 calls from nurses
5 problems that needed immediate attention
13 moments of laughter with nursing staff
0 code
0 rapid responses
1 “stat medical consult” as I was on way out to parking lot

Read the rest in But, Who’s Counting? by FatDoctor.org. She also writes: "My work at urgent care and as a hospitalist is like the Jiffy Lube of healthcare. We can change your oil, but for real care, better see your PCP."

Further reading:
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Updated: 01/21/2008

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