Using Second Life Virtual World to Teach Medicine has several interesting posts about the potential use of Second Life virtual world for medical education:

How and Why to use Second Life for Education?, 9/2007.

Virtual Medical Center: the Future of Medical Education., 4/2007.

Live Blogging Today: First Medical Simulation in Second Life!, 8/2007.

CDC already have a presence in Second Life.

SecondLife video: Listen to a virtual patient’s chest to learn about heart sounds

According to SecondLife founder: "Many firms and educators were starting to use Second Life as an online collaboration space that helps them work together like they do in the real world but to which is added the malleability of a wholly digital space."

"Second Life" Lets CDC Be Everywhere—All at Once. CDC.
Second Life and medicine. KevinMD, 04/2007.
Attending medical school in virtual reality. StudentBMJ, 12/2007.
A very real future for virtual worlds. BBC, 12/2007.

Updated: 12/15/2007



    CDC was an early newcomer in SL (2006) and will be back soon on more square meters : an entire island !

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