Video: What is a mind map?

"What is a mind map" video by Tony Buzan

The psychologist Tony Buzan is one of the first proponents of the techniques of mind mapping. He launched his own software program to support this learning approach called iMindMap in 2006 and claims a trademark on the phrase "Mind Maps."

Buzan developed his own style of mind mapping whilst at University of British Columbia, out of the frustration that traditional notes took up so much time to create and review. He has argued that mind maps are a more efficient way to take notes from lectures or books.

I do not think he will be able to trademark the term "mind maps. " Tim O'Reilly's supposed claims to ownership of 'Web 2.0" proved fruitless and the fate of the trademark claims to "mind maps" will not be much different . While I don't agree that "curved links are better than straight lines in mind maps," Tony Buzan's work definitely deserves some attention. is currently one of the best web-based tools for mind map creation. It is free and allows seamless import/export and interoperability with other mind mapping software.

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  1. Our team launched a new collaborative web-based mind mapping tool called Comapping. It is worth checking it out at
    Regards, Omar

  2. Greetings from down under,

    FYI, actually Mind Maps is a registered trademark in many countries including UK and Australia (where I am from) plus with the 100 odd books he has written that include Mind Maps over the past 35 years Tony Buzan can lay claim to the name.

    It would be cool to be the originator of a term such as web 2.0 or Wikinomics which I am devouring now. well worth the read and will be doing a quick Mind Map summary in - works a bit faster than though imindmaps look great.