Next Huge Challenge in U.S. Healthcare According to Dr. Wes

"Our next big challenge will be caring for the chronic health needs of the over-85 crowd."

And it looks like there will be fewer doctors to do it.

"After all, after expenses, some have estimated the average annual primary care physician earns about $80,000 per year - less take-home pay than many nurse practitioners.

To amplify staffing concerns, physician recruitment and retention has recently become a global issue. An Indian colleague of mine has commented that many foreign medical physicians who immigrated to the US to find profitable jobs are now moving back to their home countries. Why? Because technology in even remote towns has met or exceeded that of the US and the economics of their health care systems are far more lucrative for them. This, then, leaves many US hospitals and training programs woefully understaffed for many primary care specialties."

Read more in The Next Huge Challenge. Dr. Wes.

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