How to Create a Blog Carnival: A Step by Step Guide

Berci Mesko of has a comprehensive how-to guide on creating your own blog carnival. A blog carnival is a blog event similar to a magazine dedicated to a particular topic. Each edition of a blog carnival is in the form of a blog article that contains links to other blog articles on the particular topic (source: Wikipedia).

The most famous medical blog carnival is the venerable Grand Rounds - a weekly summary of the best posts in the medical blogosphere. Pre-Rounds is an article series about the hosts of Grand Rounds on Nick Genes of Blogborygmi, who writes the Medscape column, is the founder of Grand Rounds and he maintains the 4-year-old archive. I have hosted Grand Rounds twice which is nothing compared to 4-time hosts like GruntDoc and Kevin, M.D.

Berci knows a thing or two about launching blog carnivals for sure -- he started 2 of them:

Medicine 2.0
Gene Genie

He points to the following steps to help you create your own blog carnival:

Find out a proper name
Register it at
Create a blog for your carnival
Write a mission statement and a guideline:
Create a logo

This Google video shows it takes about 2 minutes to start a blog on Creating a web site has never been easier.

How to create a blog carnival: Step by Step.
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