Radiology Picture of the Day

Radiology Picture of the Day features a new medical image daily, with a brief description. The website is edited and maintained by Dr. Laughlin Dawes who is a Radiology Registrar at Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick. He lives in Sydney "with his wife Daniella, his sons Max and Alex, and Oscar the dog."

The website was started in 11/2006 and the Category Archives include:
Brain (10)
Cardiovascular (1)
Gastrointestinal (11)
Genitourinary (2)
Head & Neck (5)
Musculoskeletal (3)
Obstetrics (3)
Paediatrics (8)
Spine (2)
Thoracic (7)

There are more and more competitors to the famous NEJM Images in Clinical Medicine series...

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Image source: Radiology Picture of the Day

More Consequences of IT: The Disappearance of Radiology Rounds. Wachter's World, 01/2008.

Updated: 01/31/2008


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