Taser MP3 Player on WSJ Video

WSJ Video: Taser MP3 player

The trademarked name Taser is an acronym for "Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle." Taser International introduced the Taser MPH -- the first combination of a hand-held MP3 player and a Taser. The 1-GB MP3 player, which can hold around 150 songs, is embedded in the device holster.

Anybody can buy a Taser for $349 (the MP3 holster is $73 including the headphones). With the wide availability of tasers for personal use, it looks like we will be hearing "Don't tase me bro" more often, unfortunately.

The U.N. has declared that Taser guns are a form of torture that can kill. On a side note, a study on pigs conducted by the Cleveland Clinic determined that a standard 5-second Taser application does not affect the functional integrity of pacemakers and defibrillators.

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