"MedWorm Associates" Promote RSS Use Among Physicians and Researchers

What is a MedWorm Associate?

From their website: "MedWorm Associates have one uniting objective - to promote the use of RSS amongst physicians and those in medical research."

Currently, there are associates in:

Health, Medicine and and Bioethics Commentators
Medical Databases and Libraries

You can become a MedWorm Associate too if you are interested in the following:

"1. Keeping an eye on their specialty in MedWorm, by looking through the feeds that are listed in that specialty, asking for feeds to be removed from that specialty when they are not appropriate and making suggestions for new feeds (eg. any major publications that are missing or medical associations).

2. Commenting on items in their specialty, thus stimulating MedWorm discussions. Associates should aim to make one comment per month.

3. Making suggestions on ways to further develop MedWorm and work in partnership with other sites, in particular their own site(s)."

Two of the bloggers I follow are associates: Berci Mesko and David Rothman.

Image source: MedWorm

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