Sea Lion at Cleveland Zoo Dies of Pancreatitis

Huck, one of the Cleveland Zoo two sea lions, enjoyed interacting with visitors, as you can see from the video below at minute 2:01:

Sea Lion at Northern Trek, Cleveland Zoo. See another video here.

The 5-year-old California sea lion, died of of pancreatitis and acute enteritis, according to the zoo press release: "Huck had shown no clinical signs of illness or abnormal behavior until the day he died.

Huck arrived at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in 2003 from Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska. He was one of two sea lions residing with five harbor seals in the Northern Trek area of the Zoo."

This post ads to the list of animals with very "human" diseases like:
- Gorillas with CHF
- A tortoise with CAD

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo sea lion dies. The Plain Dealer.
Northern Trek in the Spring at Cleveland Zoo. Hit the Road - See America and the World.

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