What makes a well-rounded teacher in 21st century?

The same features as in the 20th century plus one new: technology.

Jeff Utecht from the blog Thinking Stick may have a point. I am a teaching attending at Cleveland Clinic and residents generally respond very positively when we incorporate Web 2.0 tools during the teachings sessions -- see an example here. Actually, I prefer the term "learning session" rather than "teaching session" since this is a two-way process. Both the teacher and the students often learn from each other.

Bob Centor, SGIM President-Elect, has covered similar topics in detail on his blog DB’s Medical Rants.

What makes a well rounded teacher? Jeff Utecht
Topics Discussed During the Internal Medicine Rotation at Cleveland Clinic in October/November 2007. Clinical Cases and Images - Blog.
Using a Blog to Build an Educational Portfolio. Clinical Cases and Images - Blog.
In my day… Scoble, 01/2008.
Beautiful example of how blogs can disseminate medical information much more efficiently than journals, NEJM included (http://goo.gl/rOvNq).
Image source: Thinking Stick

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  1. True, but you have to use it well. There's nothing worse than watching someone fumble along with some piece of technology his resident or secretary talked him into using. Heck, the lecturers at my med school couldn't figure out how to advance slides, and when they implemented this new interactive technology program things only got worse...