Blogger Advice: Communicate with Your Readers Via Free Phone Calls and Chat

Google released 2 new features which allow any blogger with access to the HTML template of their site to embed 2 badges = communication channels for direct contact with readers:

- Free phone calls via Grand Central VOIP service (WebCall Button). The button also allows you to post voice mail to your blog which replaces the now defunct AudioBlogger feature.

- Chat via Google chat (Chatback badge)

This Google video shows it takes about 2 minutes to start a blog on Creating a web site has never been easier.

Google Talk chatback. Google Talk Blog.
Chatback: Let people comment using Google Talk. Garett Rogers.
Add Google Talk Badge To Your Blog and Chat with Readers Live. Digital Inspiration.
GrandCentral: receive calls and post voicemail with your blog. Blogger Buzz.

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